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Did you know that you can vote?

The event took place on the 8th of October in GenKlubi. Three guests were invited to discuss questions that are inherent to the foreign population of Estonia, with a special focus on Tartu.


How have the members of two opposing parties come to a consensus through a small, yet sharp debate? Find out from our podcast.

Who is behind Politics to People?

The P2P team consists of graduate students of the EU-Russia Studies programme at the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Science at the University of Tartu.

“The foreign vote can account from two to three seats in the Tartu city council.”

The P2P team is proud to present you our first podcast, called “Did you know that you can vote?” 

Mihkel Lees and Markus Meier have given us the pleasure of being the first guests of our podcast. In the podcast, Martin Hayford discusses the most important points that were brought up at the event, from the general importance of the foreign vote to more specific topics, like the controversial marriage referendum in Estonia. 

However, the discussion also mentions the needed requirements for a foreign resident to vote in the local elections. The podcast can be a valuable tool to start thinking about the most important subjects that should be addressed during the electoral year. The podcast brings together a short follow-up of the event, bringing information for everyone that could not attend, or simply wishes to learn more.
The podcast is available here.